Abilene Zoological Park

Hotel Near Abilene Zoo

Stay at our hotel near Abilene Zoo, located within Grover Nelson Park and across the road on 11th street from the Taylor County Expo Center. Wildlife from around the world call the Abilene Zoological Park home. Renowned as a delight for all ages, the zoo is the perfect stop for a family vacation, with family-friendly stops, tours, and interactive experiences.

Stay at our hotel in Abilene, TX near the zoo to enjoy the wealth of animals at the park with ease! Stop by the giraffes in the Giraffe Safari, where an open feeding deck area will let you and your little ones get up close and personal with these tall beauties. The “Twiga Terrace” is open daily throughout the spring and summer season. This Terrace is in keeping with Abilene’s long history with giraffes: the first giraffe arrived in the city in 1968, and a bridge was built over their enclosure. It was one of the first of its kind in the country, allowing guests a unique animal adventure!

Other animals that live at the zoo are separated into regions of the world: African lions, Plains zebras, and more; colorful Caribbean creatures; scaly reptiles; animals from South America, as well as our very own backyard. The Elm Creek Backyard section showcases Texas’ animal wildlife, as well as creatures from America’s wetlands.